Feb 9 2011
The JIM THORPE Lehigh river Penndot bridge project
had a meeting today to discuss historic and environmental impact.
There was one hour and 35 minutes of mundane details discussed then
the public was allowed to speak. Most of the public left by then.
Those who stayed asked WHEN will this bridge be built.

If you ever wondered what moves slower than a snail sticking to the floor of
a salt mine then you should wait out a PENNDOT meeting that allows the public to
witness the whole meeting and then ask their questions at the end of that meeting.
This was a very important meeting to everyone concerned about the impact of building
the new bridge because it crosses the river at a historical canal lock site.
Which NO ONE has seen or cared about since the canal was replaced by the railroad.
So we have to wonder how many millions of dollars were spent just to study the
impact of destroying this lock site.... and worse
how many million WILL be spent preserving this lock site.
They could have spent those millions buying the houses from everyone they gave
eminent domain notices and built the bridge 10 years ago.
The red line shows NEW bridge location
My house is the purple dot. email me if you want to add something to this web page.

FEDEX fiasco:
fedex consistently delivers my mail to 12 River Street.
FedEx just dumps packages on this doorstep.... which I find
when I walk to the market.

There were concerns that the bridge would not be PRETTY enough to be in keeping
with the look of Jim Thorpe.
There were concerns that the bridge lighting would be too ugly or expensive to operate.
There was a suggestion that alternate lighting such at halogen, diode and fiber optic
should be examined. (One day someone is going to have to explain that to me)
There were concerns that the old bridge would have a scarred site after tearing it
down. But PENNDOT totally missed the boat there because the old bridge location is the
best site for foot traffic to cross between the east and west sides of town.
So how many millions will be spent to tear down the old bridge that could have been spent
building a foot bridge for our people who walk across the bridge to work every day?
The NEW bridge site adds a half hour of walking time to cross the river
because the new location is 1000 feet upstream from the old bridge.
Thats another 2000 feet of hazardous walking on snow and ice covered sidewalks.
We all know how PENNDOT plows the street snow right up on top of our sidewalks after we hand clear them.

LISTEN to edited 5 minutes ...just the highlights of the last 10 minutes of meeting audio

LISTEN to last 10 minutes of meeting audio

Houses began to be knocked down in the summer of 2013
Lots of dust. No water spray.

Concrete footing project 4-28-2014 had plastic lofting into Route 903
swatting at cars windshields.

Contruction workers left stones on the plastic to keep it held down
but the stones just rolled off and down the hill.

April 2015

midnight jack hammers

midnight jackhammers movie


We have been in limbo for more than a decade.
When does a home owner decide to paint the house?
When does a home owner decide to get a new roof?
These Victorian houses were built at a time when craftsmen built
handcrafted woodwork that now is 200 years old and rotting away
because there is nobody qualified to do this type of artwork anymore.
I got ONE job estimate to replace my rotting gable woodwork for $5,000
All the other contractors said that they are roofers,not carpenters, or
they are carpenters, not roofers, and they don't do spiderman jobs.

So what is a home owner supposed to do? Spend $5,000 on a simple gable
and then what? IS PENNDOT GOING TO PAY for that $5,000 IF they do knock
down my house? Nope.
We gave up waiting for PENNDOT and are fixing up the house where we can without spending more than a couple hundred dollars.